Silicone Softening Agent & Fixing Agent

Specialty & Fine Chemical 

Silicone softening agent

Research & development, production, sales & marketing of textile finishing agent, Specialist silicone softening agent for textiles and clothing softeners.

Textile manufacturers, clothing designers, garment makers, tanneries, leather goods manufacturers, shoemakers and sports outlets all use silicone ingredients to make and enhance their products. They use silicones in their finishing processes to obtain the right features for their fabrics, such as softness, water-absorbency levels, resistance to yellowing, skin-friendliness and attractive draping.

silicone softening agent

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Fixing agent

Research & development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of fixing agent.

Fixing agent is an auxiliary agent used to improve the dyeing fastness of a dye on a fabric. As a finishing aid, it can combine with the hydrophobic ion-soluble groups of dyes to form insoluble colored materials, improve the washing and sweating fastness of color, reduce the hydrophilicity of dyes, and effectively improve the solidity of dyes. Color ratio, wash resistance, rubbing fastness and dye utilization, and sometimes improve their light fastness.

Chevell provdie profilio including e.g. Formaldehyde-free fixing agent, Wet rubbing fastness improver and Chlorine fastness improver

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Specialty & Fine Chemical

Chevell is professional supplier of specialty and fine chemicals for paint, coating, plastic, textile industry and many more.
Carefully select manufacturing partner or invest production line directly, Chevell’s specialty and fine chemiccal range from e.g. titanium dioxide pigmentsolid acrylic resin, coating & plastic additive flame retardants and many more.

We are still expanding our portfolio and refining our supply chain to better meet customer needs using the power of our Verbund integration. Chevell’s ambition is to be the most attractive partner for our customers whenever they are confronted with challenges that can be approached with chemistry, to serve small business operation to complete one-time purchasing of various chemicals products in the right place and at the right time.

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