Project Description

Textile Finishing Auxiliaries

Shrink-resistant / crease-resistant finishing

Good resistance to shrinkage during washing and ironing , high dry /wet crease recovery and wash-wear properties with minimum impact on tensile srtrength.High liquor stab-ility ,incrteases the durability to washing of water-repel-lent finishes ,negligible impairment of whiteness, good buffering or effect .

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Stain repel and release agent

Excellent oil and water repellency for a wide range of fabric substrates in technical textile applications ,excellent value for use for high durability finishes .

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Antistatic agents

Developed to reduce fabric processing problems, Chevell textile finishing auxiliaries antistatic agents lessens static load, which also reduces static cling during display and wearing of garments. This helps improve wearer comfort.

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Anti-slipping Agent

Chevell textile finishing auxiliaries anti-slipping agents improve seam resistance and thread slippage of woven fabrics to help maximize fabric and garment life.

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