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Alcohol Ether Carboxylate

Alcohol ether carboxylate is a new type of nonionic anionic surfactant with a structure similar to soap, but different from soap. It is not affected by temperature and hard water, and can be applied under a wide range of acid and alkali conditions. Its mildness, safety in use, easy biodegradability and versatility are unmatched by other existing similar products

  • Excellent low temperature decontamination, wettability and permeability.
  • Good foaming power and foam stability, with foaming power not affected by water hardness and pH.
  • Acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, hard water resistant, calcium soap with high dispersion.
  • Non-irritating, non-toxic and readily biodegradable.
  • Good low temperature water solubility and product stability.
  • Good compatibility with anions, especially cationic surfactants.
  • Significant viscosity-reducing properties and is an important heavy oil viscosity-reducing agent.
INCISodium Laureth-11 CarboxylateLaureth-11 Carboxylic Acid
Chemical familyPolyoxyethylene alkylether carboxylatePolyoxyethylene alkylether carboxylic
Solid Content27.0-30.086.0-90.0
pH Value (10% aq.)6.0-8.02.0-4.0
Sodium chloride<4.0<1.0
Appearance(25℃)Pale yellow liquidPale yellow liquid
OdourNo odorNo odor
  • As an emulsifier or emulsifier is especially suitable for high quality and multifunctional cream cosmetics.
  • No inhibitory effect on lysozyme, can be used as a mild component and foaming agent in toothpaste, its sodium salt can be used as an antibacterial agent in cosmetics and ** formulations, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.
  • Used for gentle shampoo, shaving cream, bath soap, face wash, baby shampoo, liquid soap and other personal cleaning care products.
  • Used in household detergents, industrial detergents, and powder, lump and liquid phosphorus-free detergents.
  • Used in the textile industry for pretreatment, refining, mercerizing, bleaching, dyeing and other processes, excellent results.
  • Used as a base material for neutral or acidic grinding oil or cutting fluid, can improve the emulsification, corrosion and stabilization effect.
  • Used as a chemically driven oil resistance to high temperature, high concentration of inorganic salt medium of high activity additives, especially suitable for high mineralization of oil wells, can also be used as an excellent thick oil viscosity reducing agent, wax removal agent or anti-wax agent, as well as crude oil emulsion breakers, sewage treatment agents.
  • Used as a colloidal dispersant, detergent and deinking agent for waste paper in the paper industry.
  • Alcohol ether carboxylates are used in the leather industry as degreasing agents and dyeing leveling agent formulations for raw hides
  • Used as an emulsifier for monomer polymerization, antistatic agent in the plastics industry.
  • Used in developing agents, can significantly improve the light resistance.
  • For the extraction of divalent metal ions to improve selectivity.
  • Use as a blowing agent in foam fire suppression.

Storage stability: Net weight 50kg, 200kg/plastic drum. It should be sealed and stored indoors; during transportation, it should be carefully placed lightly, anti-collision, anti-frost and avoid leakage.

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