We are team of Professions, bringing performance material to Textile, Coating, Plastic and Paper

Since 1999, professions in the Chevell Performance Material work on contributing to the success of our customers all over the world in specialty chemical industry. The company’s initial main business was R&D, production, sales & marketing of textile chemical, specialist silicone softening agent for textiles and clothing. Today our material portfolio is organized into 4 industries: textile, coating, paint, plastic. We are still expanding our portfolio and refining our supply chain to better meet customer needs.

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Textile Chemical


Silicone Softening Agent

Silicone copolymer technology to deliver innovative and powerful softening agents whether consumer-recognized effect is voluminous and bulky feel or silky …

Textile Chemical

Textile Chemical Fixatives

CEL. PA. WOOL Wet fastness improver for reactive and direct dyes.  Chlorine fastness, Wet fastness Improver.

Textile Chemical

Specialty & Fine Chemical

Chevell is professional supplier of chemicals products, primarily focus on supplying raw material for coating, plastic and textile industry.

Textile Chemical

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Textile Chemical
Textile Chemical
Textile Chemical
Textile Chemical
New Product Development

We believe that making quality silicone products begins by carefully listening to our customers and understanding their requirements.

We then manufacture the right products, supplying our customers with customized formulations and unique silicone technology solutions.

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Hygiene management

Hygiene management under Covid-19, validate Sanitec® products antiviral properties on synthetics

Antiviral and Antibacterial to Textile